About Me

Zorian is a SaaS executive focusing on Sales & Marketing (Revenue Function). He considers himself very fortunate to have served as a VP of Sales or Marketing on executive management teams of several very rapidly-growing and global software companies, ranging between $5 Million to $100 Million in revenue, with growth of over 100%-200% every year (i.e. SaaS companies in high-growth stage):

  • Acronis Software – a pioneer in the Inside Sales model going from $19 Million to $100M in revenue in just 3 years
  • Veeam Software – fastest growing global SaaS in the world, went from startup to $900 Million in sales in 12 years without any VC seed money
  • AppAssure Software – sold to Dell for $211 Million
  • InsightSquared – the leading Sales Business Intelligence & Analytics for data-driven Sales VPs or Sales & Marketing executives
  • Atiim (“A-team”) – the #1 OKR Goals Management SaaS (Objectives & Key Results used by CEOs & high-performing companies)

A few years ago Zorian decided to quit his job as an executive to try his luck as a startup entrepreneur.  As with many other startups, it all started with the proverbial entrepreneurial bug as well as an idea that started on a napkin.  As a result of that, today Zorian is the Founder & CEO of Atiim Software, an “OKR Goals Management & Performance Management SaaS” for high-performing teams & organizations.

Zorian has been a speaker at a number of sales conferences including the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), Inside Sales Summit, Mass Technology Leadership Council, The Conference Board, Heartland Technology Group, and B2BCamp among others. He has been invited to contribute to the Salesforce.com blog and has also contributed to The WSJ Accelerators Blog, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Insights, Top Sales World Magazine, Revenue Marketing Podcast, DemandGen Marketing Report, OpenView Labs (best practices on sales management), and iMedia among others.

Zorian has a degree in Finance and also minored in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Lehigh University.  He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Zorian loves SaaS, startups, entrepreneurship and sharing ideas about how to manage Sales & Marketing effectively. He launched this website to share insights and best practices with other data-driven and analytical SaaS leaders who are also looking to grow their revenue in a repeatable, predictable, scalable and “perfectable”.