How Inside Sales Reps Should Rate Themeselves After Each Demo or Sales Call

Last week I was asked for advice from a CEO running a small sales team at his startup – he asked if the most successful sales professionals track their own effectiveness and I shared with him what I give to sales reps as a tool to self-rate their calls or demos.

Here are the types of questions successful sales reps should ask themselves after each call (of course, this is based on your context/situation and you can pick just the 10 most important to you or use the entire list below to briefly rate yourself on a scale of Bad-Average- Good to keep it simple).

  • Did I establish the rapport and had a friendly dialogue? Did we have a connection, did we connect in a meaningful way?
  • Did I deliver a unique value prop that favors the customer?
  • Did I show my passion about the company and the product?
  • Did I share the story or did I just jump into a product demo?
  • Did I do well on discovering the pain points / needs of the prospect?
  • Did I work off the customer precise responses (on pain/need/challenges)?
  • Did I differentiate from competition and establish enough distance between us?
  • Did I pause enough to ask “What do you think so far?”
  • Did I alleviate the prospect’s fears?
  • Did I prevent (i.e. not just handle) objections effectively?
  • Was I helping/helpful to the prospect?
  • Did I confirm if they would feel comfortable telling me a “no”?
  • Did I ask for the sale?
  • Did we have a DNS (Defined Next Steps) finalized – i.e. “got your calendar on you?”
  • Did I follow a “Listen-to- Speak Ratio” of 2 to 1? (i.e. we have 2 ears, just 1 mouth)
  • Did I immediately write and send a summary and asked them to confirm my notes are correct (with implicated / quantified info)?

What else? What are some of your thoughts on the idea of each sales rep rating himself or herself after each call?


  1. Brad says

    This was very insightful. I particularly like the last piece about confirming their summary of the meeting.

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