Sales Management Interview with Ken Thoreson

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ken Thoreson who is a globally recognized Sales Management thought leader and strategist. He is also an author of multiple books and a frequent speaker at major technology industry conferences and sales conferences. Recently Ken  was once again named as one of  Read More >

Don’t Use the “SDR : AE” Ratio to Build Your SDR Team

There is a common question from CEOs & VPs of Sales at growth-stage companies looking to scale up their New Customer Acquisition – it’s about how many # of outbound/cold-outreach Sales Development Reps (SDRs) they should have for each AE (closer): What is the right “Outbound SDR : AE” Ratio  Read More >

Sales Experts Series: Interview with Jill Konrath

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Jill Konrath who is an internationally recognized B2B sales and sales management thought leader. Jill is the author of two bestselling books: SNAP Selling – which soared to #1 on Amazon within hours of its release – and Selling to Big Companies,  Read More >