3 Unique Differences of the CHAMP Selling System

Why the CHAMP Selling System is Different

There are a few unique distinctions that make the CHAMP Selling System different. These also ensure that it helps you build “Predictable, Repeatable & Scalable Revenue” to grow your company.


1. Founded as a “superset” of the best practices gleaned from all the top sales systems

I developed CHAMP Selling based on gleaning “Best Practices” that I gathered from hundreds of industry experts and insights gathered from systems and books over what combines into “best of breed” boiled into the absolutely most effective key insights that work for the modern age.

Unlike some proprietary and branded selling training programs or some flavor of selling espoused by a book, the CHAMP Selling System is based on proven best insights from the best B2B selling that has proven the best results and been published over the past 80 years (i.e. we go way back to Napoleon Hill’s book on success from 1937 and, more specific to selling, Og Mandino’s book was launched in 1968) but CHAMP emphasizes with the modern techniques that are proven to work best and which debunk some of the older approaches that don’t work anymore in the modern world (like “ABC – Always Be Closing” which works in the movies but not in the real world).

2. It’s a Sales System and Not Just a Methodology

I believe this to be the only selling *system* (not just a method, approach or process but an actual System) – because it combines and integrates both a selling methodology and a proposed sales process. Most other books or approaches typically just offer a method or advice or approach, but there is no combined 2-in-1 method integrated with a step-by-step process that is actionable and effective.

3. CHAMP Selling is Focused on the Customer and is Fully Customer-Driven

Let’s save the best for last…

CHAMP is a unique sales system as it is built from the ground up as:

Customer-Centric, Customer-First and entirely Customer-Focused!

The CHAMP sales slogan is “Turn your Customers Into Champions“.

Secondly, CHAMP Sales has its own “definition of sales” that is at the center of the CHAMP Sales Philosophy:

Thus, it is built from the ground up focusing first and foremost on adding value and helping the Customer.

Also, if you look at Slide 5 here, the fundamental CHAMP sales principle is:

“Don’t sell, and don’t persuade buyers to buy if you are not genuinely able to help them solve their challenges with an ROI”. Read more in the slide #5 in the deck above (2nd bullet point).

Even when it comes to the qualification approach with “CH.A.M.P” acronym – unlike many qualification criteria out there (think BANT, etc.), it begins with a “CH – Challenges” – which is about ensuring the sales professional thinks first and foremost about focuing on the Customer’s business challenges.  It ensures the focus is on helpfing to solve the buyer’s Challenges (CH).


Bonus: CHAMP Sales is About Full Alignment

This system was developed from the ground up to align a Sales Professional to Customer and also to their Sales Manager.  It’s a full alignment which is also unique as most of the methodologies are primarily developed for the salesperson (not to align with the sales manager) to just qualify a buyer.

Similarly, it was developed with the intention of aligning Sales with Marketing because optimizing this as one continuous funnel is the best way to ensure that you’ll get the highest ROI and effectiveness from sales.