What In the World are “UFOs” in Sales?

UFOs in Sales are "Unlikely & Failing Opportunities"
One of the top productivity killers for sales reps is over-focusing and over-investing in low-probability Opportunities (Opps) which clog up your sales pipeline and distract reps from focusing on the high-probability Opportunities. We refer to a bad Sales Opportunity (i.e. Opp) in a slightly comical and symbolic way as a  Read More >

The 3 Critical Gaps Between Planned Outcomes vs. Actual Results

There are always gaps between Strategy and its Execution, between business expectations and the actual results.  You can invest a lot of time into a solid Corporate Strategy or your Sales Strategy that you think will deliver exceptional results but some times the result will be off from what you intended to achieve.  Read More >

Building Teams: 5 Traits of Effective Sales Professionals

When you are hiring new sales reps, what traits are you looking for?  I typically try to look for the 5 traits below (these are the primary and the most important ones but there are others too) which have worked for me and will typically be useful for identifying effective sales  Read More >

The CHAMP Selling System’s Definition of Sales

A few years ago I was a speaker at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals event, and one of the attendees followed up with me and asked me how I would define selling in today’s day and age. To me, the answer has not changed from thousands of years ago.  Read More >

12 Best Sales Management Books EVER Written

As you browse the shelves at your local Barnes and Noble (or the digital shelves of your Kindle), it can be hard to decide which sales management books you should pick up for your summer beach vacation. Each of them, with their shiny jackets and similar-sounding names, looks just like  Read More >

10 Books for Your Sales Management Summer Reading List

There are no teachers to assign you summer reading, but that doesn’t mean you should ever stop learning and reviewing best practices in sales management. There are many insightful books on both sales management and selling methods and you must always stay on top in order to build a repeatable,  Read More >