Hiring Sales Talent: Wisdom from a CEO of VISA on Hiring Well

When hiring sales talent – it’s wise to always remember where “experience” fits in the order of priority.  This is one of the most counter-intuitive things that many average CROs/VPs of Sales in B2B SaaS may not get but some of the experienced great ones definitely know. I was reviewing Trish  Read More >

Sales Management: Core KPIs and Goals for a VP of Sales

There are several options for key performance objectives or core KPIs that a company sets for the sales leader.  The obvious KPI would be the actual Sales $ closed but there is more to the job.  The key areas of measurable responsibilities of a sales executive (or any operational executive for  Read More >

Revenue Growth: The Magic Sales Formula (from my “The Science of Sales” presentation at the Sales Summit)

Sales Management is a scientific process and you can use this formula to focus your team on the key factors that drive $ Sales.
A couple of years ago, I was invited to present at the annual Inside Sales – Sales Acceleration Summit and I talked about “The Science of Sales” (InsideSales.com posted the presentation on Slideshare). It was fun to see that the other presenters at this event were the likes of Steve Young, a  Read More >

Building Teams: How Coach & GM Bill Belichick Recruits Talent (Which Other Teams Under-Value)

Building “Winning Teams” is not about getting a bunch of stars to contribute their individual effort together – it’s much more about the collective and collaborative effort. This is how Belichick builds exceptional teams fairly consistently year after year. Here is the Synopsis: Belichick has a unique talent for seeing  Read More >