More on the CHAMP Selling System (Get Ready for 2019)

It’s been over a decade since I created and began developing and enhancing the CHAMP Selling System after my days learning how to sell and manage sales at IBM. Since early 2010’s I have been refining the system a little bit every quarter and every year and I recently started writing a book that I want to self-publish to help other companies succeed in building a predictable, repeatable and scaleable *Sales System*.

One of the original posts I made in 2010 was on the “General Overview of the CHAMP Selling System” and later posted “3 Unique Differences of the CHAMP System” – these articles got some companies to note CHAMP and begin to use it. We also talked about CHAMP at InsightSquared when I covered it in this article – “Don’t BANT, Just CHAMP” and later one of our team members was kind enough to write about in “Why CHAMP is the New BANT” a little bit after I left InsightSquared to start Atiim Software.  Then, over the past 5 years I’ve seen and heard from companies who were talking about it and adopting it successfully which really meant a lot to know that this was a helpful system for many VPs of Sales and CEOs in SaaS (and, as it turns out, outside of the SaaS arena too).

I am also grateful for seeing companies like Hubspot cover the CHAMP System. Various others have also mentioned the CHAMP Selling System including these among others:

a) Hubspot: The Ultimate Guide to Sales Qualification
b) Clearbit: Modern Guide to Lead Qualification
c) SalesHero: Breakdown of Sales Methodologies

I am just excited that successful companies and sales managers and teams have been finding this system helpful to them. As 2019 is around the corner, I’ve decided I will share more of the CHAMP System on this blog and will post parts of the book that I have been writing on how to apply CHAMP effectively to grow revenue. I’d love feedback from readers and users and hope to make CHAMP successful at SaaS companies (and even non-tech companies) globally. Most importantly, I want to make sure that as we enter 2019, we all remember that CHAMP is about making our Customers into Champions – that’s the main point of this selling system.

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