[DRAFT] How My “5 Metrics” Idea Got Into the Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross Best-Selling Book

[DRAFT v1]

The evolution of an idea… sometimes it takes many years to perfect, like fine wine.

Way back almost a decade ago (2010), I wrote about the “4 Most Important Sales Metrics Used by Top Sales VPs for Diagnosing Sales“.  This was based on my learnings from Walter Scott to whom I reported when he was the CEO of Acronis and who is one of the most truly analytical and data-driven CEOs coming from the sales and marketing side when he was similarly one of the most data-driven Sales executives in software.  We carefully tracked and used these 4 metrics at Acronis during the days when we grew Acronis from $19.5 Million in annual sales to over $100 Million in a span of just 3 years.  It was an exceptional growth for sales (and I must add, at 40% EBITDA margins which is very rare for such rapid growth). The 4 metrics were the “80-20” in what I’d call the “VP of Sales” toolbox – these were the few 20% of metrics that explain 80% of everything you wanted to know about managing and growing your sales.

Then in early 2014 at InsightSquared I decided to build on the original idea of what I learned from Walter Scott. I added 1 more metric and now the 5 pretty much explained “everything” or probably 90% I’d say  – I wrote “The 5 Key Sales Metrics that Every VP of Sales Must Use to Analyze Sales” – https://www.zorian.com/the-5-key-sales-metrics-sales-vps-must-use-to-analyze-performance-and-results/

Their book “Predictable Revenue: 3x Your Sales”, in Section 4, discussed the “5 Sales Metrics That Explain Everything” –> https://predictablerevenue.com/triple-ebook


They also wrote about it on the Hubspot blog: 5 Sales Metrics That Explain Everything-  https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/sales-metrics-that-explain-everything