A General Overview of the CHAMP Selling System

CHAMP Selling is simply about making your customer a hero, a champion (i.e. by investing in you and your solution to solve their challenges).

If you’d like to see the Summary of the CHAMP Selling System then you will find a slide/presentation on this link too.

But, in general, the CHAMP Selling System is a modern selling system that is Consultative, Customer-Centric, Solution-focused, Situational Selling System (System = consistent methodology + repeatable process + sales metrics to measure the process). It is targeted for B2B selling and is specifically fine-tuned for the SaaS (for selling software subscription services).

As it is well known, solution selling is the type of selling when you have a dynamic conversation focused on carefully understanding the root causes of the problem of your customer to help come up with the solution for those problems. You then “bridge” or personalize and tailor the solution – that’s selling based on solutions rather than selling product features as a one size fits all commodity. A solution-focused sales professional basically shines a light on the challenges/problems and helps the prospect understand the heart of the matter and then lead the prospect to see how their challenges can be solved.

Thus, it’s meant to create a “Win / Win” outcome – the Customer wins first by solving their challenges/problems.  It’s an authentic, transparent and high-integrity selling system – you should always tell prospects the truth and how it is and it’s better to get a No to disqualify low-probability opportunities or rather than get a customer that will churn because this was not the true and right fit from the beginning. It is focused on increasing your Win Rate and High Probability Opps.

First and foremost, the primary aim of the CHAMP Selling System is to Make Your Customer a Champion. This system is focused on the sales professional solving challenges and problems of the customer. It is about making the Customer’s organization more successful as a result of working with us. CHAMP is a Selling System for genuinely helping Customers solve their problem and avoid losses from the challenges, problems or pain points that the Customer is struggling with. Secondly, the Sales Professional who is genuinely focused on helping their customers is in turn also a Champ when they focus on turning their customers into Champs.

Also, it is a PEOPLE-First approach – remember that we are in the business of PEOPLE (regardless of what product or solution it is). The CHAMP system is grounded in mutually respectful relationship and rapport-building. Also it is all about being helpful in solving the prospect’s challenges, problems and pain points, and being genuine, authentic, and honest in every interaction during the entire process and afterwards. Because it is a Customer-Centric method and focused on helping the customer solve a problem, it is not about persuasions but more about qualifying for the right two-way fit.

When you care for your Prospective Buyers / Customer – you will be respected, you will be unique, and you will be far more successful in your work. In CHAMP Selling, just like in Sandler selling, you are not focusing on selling a product or features or even benefits – you are instead focusing on selling a solution to your customer’s challenges, problems and pains. In CHAMP Selling, you never use any legacy hard-sell techniques or outdated closing tactics – we focus instead on helping solve problems, following a process, and asking for micro-commitments.