Top 5 Tips For a Successful “Sales Kickoff”

It’s time for your annual Sales Kickoff meeting. You budgeted for it, selected the location, chose the annual theme, scheduled the fancy group dinner, maybe even hired a speaker too. Your objective was to achieve sales pipeline alignment, educate your team, and motivate them to drive results next year.  But  Read More >

Featured Sales Thought Leadership: Sales Metric of the Year

As part of our effort to feature thought leadership from various online sources, we are looking to showcase other blogs and introduce our readers to best ideas in the sales industry. If you’d like to be featured, email us at This week’s feature blog post is from Sales Benchmark  Read More >

How Successful Sales Managers Use Data to Get Ready

Successful sales managers start preparing for the following year in Q4. They invest the time to look at key sales reports and sales metrics. They look at their existing annual revenue performance with respect to original goals to glean lessons for the next year. They also examined the territories and  Read More >

4 Sales Reports for Successful Sales Managers

Highly successful sales managers lead their teams to close more deals.  Among the key traits of successful sales managers is the desire to manage their business by the numbers, and as a result they make better decisions. Therefore, they regularly view sales reports for clear visibility into the key metrics that  Read More >

3 Most Important Things in Sales

There are 3 most important things in sales and sales management: People Pipeline Process Why? People – if you hire A-level people and develop them to execute at a high level then you get top 10% outcome. Pipeline – with growing pipeline you will increase your revenue and without it  Read More >

3 Unique Differences of the CHAMP Selling System

Why the CHAMP Selling System is Different There are a few unique distinctions that make the CHAMP Selling System different. These also ensure that it helps you build “Predictable, Repeatable & Scalable Revenue” to grow your company.   1. Founded as a “superset” of the best practices gleaned from all  Read More >

Defining an Opportunity in Sales [The Sales Process Engineering Series]

Engineering an Effective Sales Process - Defining a Sales Opportunity
Once you have created clear definitions of what is a Lead, an MQL, and SQL, it is important to write down a consistent definition of a sales “Opportunity” so that your sales team and your marketing / DemandGen team can all understand this and work effectively to grow the Sales Pipeline based  Read More >

A General Overview of the CHAMP Selling System

CHAMP Selling is simply about making your customer a hero, a champion (i.e. by investing in you and your solution to solve their challenges). If you’d like to see the Summary of the CHAMP Selling System then you will find a slide/presentation on this link too. But, in general, the  Read More >