Make Your Sales Recruiting Systematic and Scientific to Scale Effectively

Finding good salespeople is hard but it is much harder if you don’t have a process to make your hiring systematic and scientific. While some of the hiring can be an art, a lot of it can also be a science too.


Here is how:

  1. First create a good Sales Org design – this “design” must precede your recruiting because whom you recruit depends on that design.
  2. Then you need to make a Scorecard for what you’re looking for – it should include: traits/characteristics, capabilities, and skills
  3. Align on the process with all the stakeholders who will be recruiting and interviewing


Key Personality Traits / Characteristics:

  • Drive = Need for Achievement or Desire to Win + Competitiveness
  • Optimism / Grit / Resilience / Thick Skin (i.e. you lose 90% in sales so this is critical)
  • Conscientiousness / Dedication / Get the Job Done
  • Hard work
  • Coachable / Adaptable / Flexible / Willing to Learn and Welcomes Feedback
  • Intelligence
  • Empathetic
  • Resourceful
  • Prior Successes (even in sports, school, etc.)
  • Passion (any: a sales career, or your company, or your industry, etc.)


Key Capabilities:

  • Time Management
  • Active Listening
  • Rapport / Relationship Building
  • Value-Creation
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Written & Verbal Communication
  • Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
  • Continuous Learning


Key Selling Skills: (if you’re hiring an experienced salesperson)

  • Prospecting
  • Discovery
  • Qualification
  • Positioning
  • Demoing
  • Storytelling
  • Objections
  • Closing
  • Deal Negotiations
  • Pipeline Management
  • Forecasting
  • Excel skills

The Most Fundamental Formula: Intelligence/Capability + Energy/Hard Work + Character

Generally, look for people with drive, smarts, coachability – you can build an army based on these attributes and recruit athletes who will take to training and coaching.  Look for outstanding people in a group of outstanding people and find people who can look at themselves objectively.