Make Your Sales Recruiting Systematic and Scientific to Scale Effectively

Finding good salespeople is hard but it is much harder if you don’t have a process to make your hiring systematic and scientific. While some of the hiring can be an art, a lot of it can also be a science too.


Key Steps:

  1. First create a good Sales Org design – this “design” must precede your recruiting because whom you recruit depends on that design.
  2. Then you need to make a Scorecard for what you’re looking for – it should include: traits/characteristics, capabilities, and skills
  3. Align on the process with all the stakeholders who will be recruiting and interviewing


Key Personality Traits / Characteristics / Attributes:

  • Drive / Ambition / Desire to Win / Healthy Competition
  • Hard Work
  • Conscientious / Dedicated / Gets the Job Done
  • Optimism / Grit / Resilience / Thick Skin / Tenacity / Confidence
  • Coachable / Adaptable / Flexible / Open to Feedback / Learner Mentality
  • Intelligent / Analytical / Reasoning Skills
  • Empathetic / EQ / People Skills
  • Passion (any: a sales career, or your company, or your industry, etc.


Key Capabilities:

  • Prior Successes
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Continuous Learning & Improvement
  • Resourceful / Problem Solver / Has Critical Thinking Abilities


Key Selling Skills: (if you’re hiring an experienced salesperson)

  • Time Management
  • Active Listening
  • Rapport / Relationship Building
  • Value-Creation
  • Prospecting
  • Discovery
  • Qualification
  • Positioning
  • Demoing
  • Storytelling
  • Objections
  • Closing
  • Deal Negotiations
  • Pipeline Management
  • Forecasting
  • Excel skills

When in doubt, the Most Basic Formula is: Intelligence/Capability + Energy/Hard Work + Character.

And generally, look for people with drive, smarts, coachability – you can build an army based on these attributes and recruit athletes who will take to training and coaching.  Look for outstanding people in a group of outstanding people and find people who can look at themselves objectively.

If you would like a Scorecard with Interview Questions relating to each specific criteria above – please contact me and happy to share with you the one I’ve put together over the years and have used successfully.

Original is posted at Make Your Sales Recruiting Systematic and Scientific to Scale Effectively.