Sales Coaching on Pipeline Management and Sales Forecasting

We all know that Sales Coaching is a critical job of any sales manager, whether a front-line manager (FLM) or a senior sales executive.

Most FLMs know that Pipeline is one of the top 2 things in Sales and will need to focus their coaching on Pipeline Management but also on Sales Forecasting.  Successful sales managers should start early and look for ways to coach on Pipeline Management sooner rather than later.  Here are a couple of areas for coaching:

Coaching on Pipeline Management:

  • Skills in building the sales pipeline (affects the inflow of Opps)
  • Pipeline Prioritization
  • Maintaining Pipeline Integrity
    • bigger is not necessarily better
    • the key to success is to maintain the integrity of your Sales Pipeline. You must ensure that your reps fill the pipeline with high quality and qualified opportunities. That’s the only way to maintain or improve your % Win Rates
    • Relaxing the quality of Opportunities in your Sales Pipeline will inevitably cause problems. So no matter what, don’t sacrifice the pipeline integrity.
  • Pipeline Purging
    • and measuring conversion rates from stage to stage


Coaching on better Forecasting:

  •  Forecasting
    • Sales Forecasting Accuracy
    • Managing Forecasting Risks

What else? What are some other thoughts on coaching better Pipeline Management skills?

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