Summary – CHAMP Enterprise Sales Method (for Growth-Stage, PE-Backed SaaS)

CHAMP Sales Methodology

It’s been 10+ years since I developed the CHAMP Selling System & the CHAMP sales methodology (and the CH.A.M.P.) qualification criteria that many SaaS sales leaders use.

This is primarily for Enterprise & Mid Market Sales (from $50k to $1M+ ACV sales transactions) and it’s primarily used at Growth-stage companies backed by PE funds – the primarily application is a consistent sales method for scaling from $10M ARR to $100M+ ARR.


The CHAMP Selling System – Intro Slides


What’s Different about the CHAMP Selling System

First of all, CHAMP is about your customers – Make Your Customer a Champion – that’s the main point of this selling system.  It’s not about you, it’s about the Customers!


  • CHAMP is a unique sales system as it is built from the ground up to be a Customer-Centric, Customer-First and entirely Customer-Focused.  The CHAMP sales slogan is all about making your customers into champions when you add value to them and help them solve their challenges and be successful as a result. CHAMP starts right out of the gate with the “CH” – Challenges which ensures to keep the focus of the sales professional first and foremost on the Customer’s business challenges/problems in order to help to solve them.  But it’s more than that – at the foundation, a fundamental CHAMP sales premise is “don’t push, persuade or convince if you are not genuinely able to solve the buyer’s challenges”.  Read more on slide #5 in the deck above (2nd bullet point).
  • It’s not a completely new proprietary selling approach – it is instead the “best of the best” selection of the best practices the modern age from all the approaches and systems out there all collected and invested into CHAMP (with all the credits given to the original inventors of chosen best practices)
  • Where you like some best practices from key areas of MEDDIC, or the qualification of Gap Selling, or any of the best insights you read from Jeb Blount, Anthony Iannarino or any others – CHAMP is inclusive of all the best insights over the past several decades from hundreds of experts and approaches that match the requirements of managing sales and selling in the modern age
  • CHAMP is a “living & breathing” system which adds new insights every few years to ensure it is always fresh and applicable to the modern age and is always “Customer-First” in its focus
  • CHAMP is a “system” not merely a sales method or sales methodology, not just a sakes framework, nor a sales qualification criteria. CHAMP is a complete selling system that aligns to Sales Management, Sales Processes, Metrics and KPIs, approaches, methods – it is the only “All in One” Sales System that is inclusive of all the modern best practices so you get everything
  • Finally, I don’t make money from selling CHAMP – I created it as an “open” system that everyone can use and benefit from
  • The goal is to allow everyone to build better companies, lead winning sales teams and deliver a “Customer-First” experience to the Customers making everyone more successful (and a “Champion”) as a result

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