The 4 Most Important Sales Metrics Top Sales VPs Use to Analyze Sales

As a VP of Sales you only need a few key metrics to help you diagnose sales. I’d say that all you really need is 4 key metrics to start and which explain 90% of everything you want to understand about the performance of your sales team. We used these 4 sales metrics every week, month and quarter with Walter Scott, who was my boss and the CEO of Acronis a few years ago when we grew Acronis from $19.5M in sales to $100M+ in a span of just 3 years.

Here are these 4 Sales Metrics:
1. Total # of Sales Opportunities Closed (both won and lost during the sales period you’re reviewing)
2. Average $ Deal Size – $ASP (aka $Average Sale Price)
3. Average Sales Cycle – # Days to from Opp creation to closed-won
4. Average % Close-Win Rate

What other KPIs do you use to analyze and apply to grow your sales?