Areas of Commercial & GTM Excellence PE Funds Need

I was at a PE Conference and someone asked me what the GP should look for in hiring a GTM & Revenue Growth / Commercial expert to help create value for their Investment Team and for Portfolio Companies. While on a train for a few hours, I jotted down just  Read More >

PE ROI – Revenue Growth is a Key Value Creation Driver (Revenue > EBITDA > Successful Exit)

This is how Top-Line Growth or Revenue Growth is the primary Value Creation driver for Tech PE portfolio companies. In PE, focusing on increasing revenue and profitable revenue growth initiates a cascade of beneficial downstream effects: – Increasing Revenue and Profitable Revenue Growth (Capital-Efficiently) Initiating with a strategic emphasis on  Read More >

Key Traits of Top PE Professionals

Here is what great PE professionals have that I’ve observed in the past several years but also going all the way back to my days in Investment Banking working with some investors we represented, to the days in VC and learning from our team as well as many other investors  Read More >

Achieving Great Exits for PE-backed Companies

To achieve favorable exit outcomes, PE portfolio companies typically employ a variety of strategies: Disproportionate Organic Revenue Growth (based on PE Fund’s GTM Expertise & Capital-Efficient Focus): Focusing on driving disproportionate and capital growth via market expansion, new customer acquisition, expansion sales into existing customer base, and product development, to  Read More >

What I Like Most About My Work in PE

Reflecting on the last several years in PE , I’ve been contemplating what I genuinely like about the job. This is primarily for my personal reflection and to articulate my thoughts more clearly: Similarity to my Investment Banking & Growth VC investing experiences – comparing it to my pre-MBA work  Read More >

Supporting Add-On M&A Process in PE

In the role as a PE Operating Partner, your primary responsibilities involve not only helping the Investment Team with diligence in the process of add-on mergers and acquisitions for our anchor portfolio companies, but also ensuring the seamless integration and enhancement of these new additions (ex: GTM  team and process  Read More >