PE ROI – Revenue Growth is a Key Value Creation Driver (Revenue > EBITDA > Successful Exit)

[WIP / Draft] This is how Top-Line Growth or Revenue Growth is the primary Value Creation driver for Tech PE portfolio companies.   Grow Sales & Revenue (Capital-Efficiently) ⬇️ Margin Expansion ⬇️ Cash to pay down debt & for accretive add-on acquisitions ⬇️ Higher EBITDA ⬇️ Multiple Expansion ⬇️ Successful  Read More >

PE: Top KPIs for CROs Driving Growth at PE-Backed Companies

As the simplest level, here are the fundamental KPIs every Chief Revenue Officer should focus on in Growth PE.   New Logo Sales  / New Customer Acquisition Note: these should be measured per segment / per team / per territory, etc. # of New Business (aka New Logo) Opportunities in  Read More >

A Key GTM Metric in PE – CRC: Customer Retention Cost

Retaining customers is more cost-efficient than acquiring new ones. Once a customer is acquired, focusing on repeat business is crucial due to the higher cost of acquisition. Customer retention is more cost-effective than acquisition, which can be three to six times more expensive. Balancing acquisition and retention strategies is essential  Read More >

PE-Backed CRO Guide to Growing New Logo Sales (Growth-Stage & Lower MM PE-Backed Companies)

Growing Your New Logo Sales The blueprint below is meant to be strategic and is focused on driving growth at PE-Backed companies beyond an average benchmarked industry organic sales growth. Assumptions: Consistent Sales Pillars across Every B2B Company (especially software/SaaS) every B2B SaaS company has many “commonalities” – i.e. Sales Pillars  Read More >

Top Signs a CRO Must Troubleshoot the Sales Strategy

Several times a year you must do a quick checkup and get a gauge on whether you need to rethink your Execution or troubleshoot your SaaS Sales Strategy. This is primarily about the “New Business” deals/sales rather than expansion sales (i.e. not as much about AM/CS driven renewals or upsells  Read More >

Personal Note: Warren Buffett’s Advice When We Met

This weekend marks the 90th birthday of Warren Buffett who is one of the greatest investors and one of the wisest and highest-quality people I’ve met in my life. And he is one of my few role models. Back in 2004 when I was finishing my MBA, I was fortunate  Read More >