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Zorian is a sales & marketing executive focused on scaling revenue and leading Sales (or GTM – both Sales and Marketing) teams and scaling sales growth rapidly.  He served as the CEO of Atiim Software (Enterprise Goals Management Software) and was an Executive VP running Sales and Marketing on management teams of several leading global software companies (companies with annual sales revenue between $20 Million to $100+ Million and typical sales growth rate of 100% annually) – these companies include:

  • Acronis Software – an early pioneer of the high-velocity Inside Sales model going from $19 Million to $100+ Million in sales in a span of 3 years (100%+ annual sales growth); served as VP of OEM Sales
  • Veeam Software – one of the fastest growing software companies globally and grew from $18.5 Million to $100+ Million when I worked for the CEO (note: Veeam grew from the start to $1 Billion in sales in only 14 years and sold for $5 Billion in 2020); was on the executive management team and led a 50+ person team responsible for driving high-velocity mid-market pipeline and sales growth
  • AppAssure Software – was a VP on the executive team and helped get the company to $20M+ in sales when we were acquired by Dell for $210 Million where I stayed through the acquisition and was part of the executive team responsible for the integration
  • InsightSquared – the #1 Sales Analytics SaaS for data-driven VPs of Sales; served as VP of Sales & Marketing during one of the fastest growth stages of the company before leaving to launch a new startup but remain still on the Board of Advisors
  • Atiim (“A-team”) – enterprise goals management software (Objectives & Key Results management methodology used by leading high-performing companies globally); served as the CEO and grew the company from the inception stage to the product launch and recruited a global team ultimately achieving 100+ global new customer sales and $4 Million in VC capital raised

Zorian has been a speaker at various sales conferences including the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), Inside Sales Summit, Mass Technology Leadership Council, The Conference Board, Heartland Technology Group, and B2BCamp among others. He has been invited to contribute to the Salesforce.com blog and has also contributed to The WSJ Accelerators Blog, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Insights, Top Sales World Magazine, Revenue Marketing Podcast, DemandGen Marketing Report, OpenView Labs (best practices on sales management), and iMedia among others.

Zorian has a degree in Finance and minored in Applied Mathematics as well as in Computer Science from Lehigh University.  He received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

This website is meant to share some of the “best practices” with other data-driven and analytical CEOs, CROs and VPs of Sales / sales leaders.

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