Best Practices for Effective Decision-Making (and My 6 Steps for Making Better Decisions)

Business managers/executives are hired for the primary reason to make good decisions.  But making good and smart decisions is very complex. Additionally, many business decisions can affect a lot of important things in the organization including people (and their families).  Good decision-making requires more than just critical thinking skills (analyzing  Read More >

Sales Management: Execution is Everything

John Wooden who is one of the greatest sports coaches of all time said “Don’t mistake activity and achievement“. And Lou Gerstner, a former CEO of IBM who turned IBM’s fortunes around, similarly instructed – “Don’t confuse activity with results“.  Being busy and making an effort doesn’t mean you’re actually  Read More >

Coaching Sales Reps on Pipeline Prioritization

Pipeline Prioritization is a critical process for a Sales Manager to coach their reps – see “Sales Coaching on Pipeline Management and Sales Forecasting“. Here is what Sales Manager should coach reps to start by looking at these 4 factors in their pipeline: Opp Age or Duration in Stages =  Read More >

Sales Management: The 4 Managing Roles of a VP of Sales

Every VP of Sales has 3 key managing responsibilities and roles at the company: People manager: Build a successful sales team Customer manager: Provide exceptional customer experience Business manager: Attain the business and sales goals Sales Manager: Create and manage the system for the sales force Originally this was covered by  Read More >

Scaling Revenue: $10M ARR to $100M ARR

The stage of growing sales revenue from $10M to $100M is really exciting.  I’ve had experience in this sales revenue range at 3 companies: AppAssure – we went from $10M to $25 Million in sales around the acquisition by DELL Acronis – we went from $19 Million to $100+ Million  Read More >

Sharing the CHAMP System Internal Training Materials

As part of the complete CHAMP System – I will be publishing my internal slide decks that I’ve used to build teams and develop them – it includes the following: CHAMP Selling Methodology Training CHAMP Sales Process – Engineering an Effective Sales Process CHAMP Sales Leadership & Sales Coaching CHAMP  Read More >

Sales Management: Core KPIs and Goals for a VP of Sales

There are several options for key performance objectives or core KPIs that a company sets for the sales leader.  The obvious KPI would be the actual Sales $ closed but there is more to the job.  The key areas of measurable responsibilities of a sales executive (or any operational executive for  Read More >

Revenue Growth: The Magic Sales Formula (from my “The Science of Sales” presentation at the Sales Summit)

Sales Management is a scientific process and you can use this formula to focus your team on the key factors that drive $ Sales.
A couple of years ago, I was invited to present at the annual Inside Sales – Sales Acceleration Summit and I talked about “The Science of Sales” ( posted the presentation on Slideshare). It was fun to see that the other presenters at this event were the likes of Steve Young, a  Read More >

The Job of a Sales Leader at a Series-A Startup

Unlike a VP of Sales at a larger company, a VP of Sales at an early stage Series A startup is more focused and hands-on: Startup sales motions Helps work on refine the Product-Market Fit Helps create or improve the optimal Go-to-Market (GTM) Develops the right Messaging for sales: Positioning,  Read More >

The Analytical Sales VP’s Essential List of Sales Analyses

I’ve written extensively on Data-Driven and Analytical Management of Sales (as well as Sales & Marketing). I also wrote few books ( on the Quant Sales Management methods. But in this article I decided to share actual lists of the most essential analyses and reports that I regularly use to  Read More >

Sales Management: Creating a Repeatable “Sales Process”

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”  – W. Edwards Deming To grow your team that sells effectively and efficiently and to scale your revenue growth, every VP of Sales must operationalize selling into a defined, formal, structured framework for the  Read More >

Creating a 3-Page Strategic Plan

For some companies, it may be better to start with a very basic “1-Page Summary of the Strategic Plan” which is very over-simplified but can be easily and quickly reviewed by anyone in the organization.  However, for a more substantive plan (yet not over-complicated), you may want to have 3-Pages  Read More >

What Exactly is “Sales Strategy”?

Every successful Sales Leader knows what “Sales Strategy” means. But this term is sometimes over-used or thrown around in ways that don’t really refer to the correct definition of Sales Strategy.  So what is the correct definition of Sales Strategy? To state simply, it’s an operating plan for the sales  Read More >

Building Teams: The Fallacy of Industry Experience

Don’t make the common mistake of making a specific industry experience a key factor when building sales teams, hiring sales reps or sales executives.  It’s called “The Fallacy of Industry Experience” and is well described here in the Harvard Business Review article “What Makes a Good Salesman”: “Many sales executives  Read More >

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