Sharing the CHAMP System Internal Training Materials

As part of the complete CHAMP System – I will be publishing my internal slide decks that I’ve used to build teams and develop them – it includes the following: CHAMP Selling Methodology Training CHAMP Sales Process – Engineering an Effective Sales Process CHAMP Sales Leadership & Sales Coaching CHAMP  Read More >

Revenue Growth: The Magic Sales Formula (from my “The Science of Sales” presentation at the Sales Summit)

Sales Management is a scientific process and you can use this formula to focus your team on the key factors that drive $ Sales.

A couple of years ago, I was invited to present at the annual Inside Sales – Sales Acceleration Summit and I talked about “The Science of Sales” ( posted the presentation on Slideshare). It was fun to see that the other presenters at this event were the likes of Steve Young, a  Read More >

The Analytical Sales VP’s Essential List of Sales Analyses

I’ve written extensively on Data-Driven and Analytical Management of Sales (as well as Sales & Marketing). I also wrote few books ( on the Quant Sales Management methods. But in this article I decided to share actual lists of the most essential analyses and reports that I regularly use to  Read More >

How to Develop an Effective “Sales Strategy” (Creating a Plan for the Sales Team & Revenue Growth)

How to design a Sales Strategy to scale revenue effectively in the new year

In a prior article, I wrote about what companies should include in their Summary Strategic Plan which focuses on the Corporate Strategy. Of course, the right sequence requires that a Corporate Strategy comes first (i.e. is planned and finalized first) and serves as the foundation for Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer  Read More >

Creating a 3-Page Strategic Plan

For some companies, it may be better to start with a very basic “1-Page Summary of the Strategic Plan” which is very over-simplified but can be easily and quickly reviewed by anyone in the organization.  However, for a more substantive plan (yet not over-complicated), you may want to have 3-Pages  Read More >

Building Teams: Creating a Successful Organizational Culture

A couple of years ago I wrote “What is a Company Culture and why CEOs must care?“.  There I mentioned that there is no universal definition of an organizational culture.  But how can we then define culture? Let’s start with Wikipedia – Wikipedia defines Organizational Culture as follows: a company culture is  Read More >

Organizational Issues That Prevent Effective Leadership

There are several problems that organizations face with a typical/average manager based on research published in the Harvard Business Review.  It turns out that many “leaders” are actually not able to perform a leadership function effectively.  It is a real obstacle for companies if someone who is supposed to be  Read More >

Building Teams: Leadership Lessons for CEOs from 150+ Books on Leadership (Over 20+ Years of Reading)

Here is what I learned reading well over 150+ books on Leadership (over 20+ years of reading)

Over the past 20+ years I’ve always had an interest in Team and Organizational Leadership and have read well over 150+ books on the topic of Leadership (including insights from biographies on leaders like Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, Carnegie, and many modern executives and leaders, etc.).  I think it was only  Read More >

Demand Generation is Not the Same as Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing

There is some confusion and misconception but Demand & Lead Generation is Not Content Marketing

B2B Demand Generation is a “Revenue-focused” B2B Marketing function that creates targeted interest and inquiry in the company’s product or service and directly drives sales pipeline and accelerates revenue. Demand Generation is a very strategic and complex B2B function and requires a lot of deep domain expertise. Demand Gen is a  Read More >

What Exactly is B2B Demand Generation / Lead Generation?

Leads are the fuel for a successful B2B sales team. And leads are generated via a solid Demand Generation / Lead Generation function which is usually part of marketing. Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross wrote in their best-selling book “From Impossible to Inevitable”: “Lead generation is the #1 lever that  Read More >

Signs That You Must Troubleshoot Your Sales Strategy

With half of the selling days behind us in the year, it’s time to do a quick checkup and get a gauge on whether you need to rethink your Execution or troubleshoot your SaaS Sales Strategy. This is primarily about the “New Business” sales rather than Customer Success and existing  Read More >

12 Best Sales Management Books EVER Written

As you browse the shelves at your local Barnes and Noble (or the digital shelves of your Kindle), it can be hard to decide which sales management books you should pick up for your summer beach vacation. Each of them, with their shiny jackets and similar-sounding names, looks just like  Read More >

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