Supporting Add-On M&A Process in PE

In the role as a PE Operating Partner, your primary responsibilities involve not only helping the Investment Team with diligence in the process of add-on mergers and acquisitions for our anchor portfolio companies, but also ensuring the seamless integration and enhancement of these new additions (ex: GTM  team and process integration).

Your leadership skills are crucial in helping identify add-on acquisition targets, conducting thorough due diligence (ex: GTM, commercial and operational due diligence), and also assisting in aspects of the negotiation and structuring of deals (ex: sales pipeline inspections which affects the earnout and thus the structure of the deal)

Following acquisition, your focus shifts to driving the integration process, promoting collaboration across teams, and spearheading continuous improvement efforts. Moreover, you play a pivotal role in establishing scalable practices for newly acquired entities, developing key performance metrics, and facilitating effective communication between top management. This comprehensive approach aims to maximize operational excellence and realize the full potential of add-on acquisitions.

  • Lead efforts to identify strategic add-on acquisition targets that align with portfolio company objectives
  • Oversee due diligence for add-on acquisitions, evaluating synergies, risks, and integration plans
  • Coordinate with investment team and portfolio company leadership to structure and negotiate add-on deals
  • Direct post-acquisition integration, ensuring smooth transitions and alignment with strategic goals
  • Foster cross-functional teams within the portfolio company to support integration efforts
  • Drive continuous improvement initiatives across add-on businesses to achieve operational excellence
  • Establish best practices for scaling newly acquired companies within the portfolio
  • Develop metrics for tracking performance and realizing synergies from add-on acquisitions
  • Liaise with the CEO & CRO to manage the integration of the GTM playbook and reporting by team and segment after the acquisition