PE – What is GTM Strategy (& Why it’s Important in PE)?

What is a “GTM Strategy” & why it’s a key driver in PE?

GTM is one of the terms that gets thrown around a lot but what does it actually mean from a PE context – here is a good definition of GTM Strategy: *

“GTM Strategy: a fundamental business strategy to drive revenue; not a simple campaign or tactic.”

The 2 key strategic points are:

1. a “fundamental business strategy”

2. to “drive revenue”


It’s a “business strategy” – for the entire commercial side of a portfolio company and focused on the typical #1 business objective, which is: growing the top-line revenue. It’s also a fundamental strategy covering the entire Commercial side & the Revenue Lifecycle:

  • People & Org
  • Growth Strategy
  • Pipeline Creation
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Growth via Expansion & Retention
  • Customer Management, CX & CS
  • Systematizing & Operationalizing
  • Execution, Levers, Drivers & Metrics


Who is responsible:

  • CEO & CRO (in alignment w/ the Board of Directors)



* GTM definition – source: Engagio


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