PE ROI – Revenue Growth is a Key Value Creation Driver (Revenue > EBITDA > Successful Exit)

[WIP / Draft] This is how Top-Line Growth or Revenue Growth is the primary Value Creation driver for Tech PE portfolio companies.   Grow Sales & Revenue (Capital-Efficiently) ⬇️ Margin Expansion ⬇️ Cash to pay down debt & for accretive add-on acquisitions ⬇️ Higher EBITDA ⬇️ Multiple Expansion ⬇️ Successful  Read More >

PE: Top KPIs for CROs Driving Growth at PE-Backed Companies

As the simplest level, here are the fundamental KPIs every Chief Revenue Officer should focus on in Growth PE.   New Logo Sales  / New Customer Acquisition Note: these should be measured per segment / per team / per territory, etc. # of New Business (aka New Logo) Opportunities in  Read More >

PE-Backed CRO Guide to Growing New Logo Sales (Growth-Stage & Lower MM PE-Backed Companies)

Growing Your New Logo Sales The blueprint below is meant to be strategic and is focused on driving growth at PE-Backed companies beyond an average benchmarked industry organic sales growth. Assumptions: Consistent Sales Pillars across Every B2B Company (especially software/SaaS) every B2B SaaS company has many “commonalities” – i.e. Sales Pillars  Read More >

Top Signs a CRO Must Troubleshoot the Sales Strategy

Several times a year you must do a quick checkup and get a gauge on whether you need to rethink your Execution or troubleshoot your SaaS Sales Strategy. This is primarily about the “New Business” deals/sales rather than expansion sales (i.e. not as much about AM/CS driven renewals or upsells  Read More >

How PE-Backed CROs Should Develop a Sales Strategy – an Operating Plan for Your SaaS Sales Team

In the past, I discussed what companies should include in their “Strategic Plan” which focuses on the “Corporate Strategy“. Of course, the right sequence requires the executives to craft their Corporate Strategy first (i.e. should be planned and finalized first before any other business functions craft their strategy) – it  Read More >