The 4 Things You Must Nail Down To Scale Your SaaS Sales

Every B2B SaaS company must be able to communicate to every employee on the Revenue Team (sales or marketing or customer success) the following:

  1. Who – who is the ideal type of buyer – or what is called the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)?
    • Your targeted Ideal Company Profile (size, type, etc.)
    • Your targeted Buyer Persona (title & role of the ideal buyer persona, their profile, preferences, challenges they face, etc)
    • How does your ICP make decisions?  (who is typically involved, what is the process, etc.)
  2. Buyer Challenges
    • What are the Challenges (problems, pain points, and specific needs/requirements to solve) that the ICP has?
  3. Solution Messaging / UVP – how does your product solve these Challenges?
    • What is your Value Proposition?
    • What is Unique about it? i.e. the UVP – Unique Value Proposition
    • How does your product solve the challenges of your Buyer Persona?
  4. What’s Your Edge?
    • What is the edge you have over your competition?
    • What’s the edge that gives you the “moat” or your X-factor that allows you to perform better?

What else? What are some other thoughts on this?


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