Top 5 Tips For a Successful 2013 Sales Kickoff

It’s time for your annual Sales Kickoff meeting. You budgeted for it, selected the location, chose the annual theme, scheduled the fancy group dinner, maybe even hired a speaker too. Your objective was to achieve sales pipeline alignment, educate your team, and motivate them to drive results in 2013.  But  Read More >

4 Sales Reports for Successful Sales Managers

Highly successful sales managers lead their teams to close more deals.  Among the key traits of successful sales managers is the desire to manage their business by the numbers, and as a result they make better decisions. Therefore, they regularly view sales reports for clear visibility into the key metrics that  Read More >

3 Unique Differences of the CHAMP Selling System

There are 3 unique and inimitable distinctions that make the CHAMP Selling System different. These also ensure that it helps you build “Predictable, Repeatable & Scalable Revenue” to grow your company. 1. Rooted in the Best Systems & Processes of the Past 80 Years I developed CHAMP Selling based on  Read More >

A General Overview of the CHAMP Selling System

The CHAMP Selling System is a modern selling system that is Consultative, Customer-Centric, Solution-focused, Situational Selling System (System = consistent methodology + repeatable process + sales metrics to measure the process). It is targeted for B2B selling and is specifically fine-tuned for the SaaS (for selling software subscription services). As it  Read More >

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