3 Most Important Things in Sales

There are 3 most important things in sales and sales management:

  1. People
  2. Pipeline
  3. Process


  1. People – if you hire A-level people and develop them to execute at a high level then you get top 10% outcome.
  2. Pipeline – with growing pipeline you will increase your revenue and without it you have nothing to close.
  3. Process – with process, you have predictability and consistency in how everyone executes, process creates outcomes

The key is first to focus on recruiting A-Players (and it’s not easy plus you should really know how to hire in sales well and use the Topgrading methods).  And secondly it is critical to know how to grow the Pipeline which starts with demand/lead generation and then the correct process with SDRs. Then have a repeatable and consistent process.  If you got these three then your sales results will be great.