End of Q1: the Quick Check-Up “Execution vs Plan” Assessment

It’s time for a check-up – Q1 is over and it’s the right time for a quick sales health check-up and quickly do a “gap analysis” while performing these two assessments:

  • Sales Execution & Performance – attainment of the Q1 sales number and sales team quota attainment
  • Sales Strategy Assessment – was the strategy the correct one

This is also a good time to review all the key components that drive results and support the Sales Strategy:

  1. Corporate Strategy – assess the continuing alignment
  2. Product Strategy – where there any new products or changes in launching a product
  3. Go-to-Market
  4. Marketing / Demand Generation Strategy
  5. Customer Experience & Customer Success Strategy
  6. People/Talent Strategy

What else?  What are some other thoughts for a quick check-up and assessing your Sales Strategy vs. Execution gap?

Original is posted at Revenue-Inc.com: End of Q1: the Quick Check-Up “Execution vs Plan” Assessment.