The Quant CRO’s & Sales VP’s List of Essential Sales & Marketing Analyses

I’ve written extensively on Data-Driven and Analytical Management of Sales (as well as Sales & Marketing). I also wrote few books ( on the Quant Sales Management methods. But in this article I decided to share actual lists of the most essential analyses and reports that I regularly use to manage Sales & Marketing analytically for all the real CRO or VP of Sales & Marketing *Quants*. Some of these are contextual and there are additional analyses I’d do for different types of companies but if you are running a B2B sales & marketing org in SaaS then these lists below will typically be ones that you will use regularly to assess how to hit and over-attain your sales targets by optimizing the entire funnel from Lead Gen > SDRs > AEs and all the way to Closed-Won sales.

Here is a list of Weekly Sales & Marketing Analyses/Reports:

Here is also a list of Monthly Sales Analyses and Reports that you would want to review on a monthly basis (they complement and add more insights in addition to the ones you review weekly):

And these are the Monthly Marketing Analyses:

What else? What are your thoughts on the key analyses and reports you need to have as a Quant CRO / VP of Sales & Marketing?

Also, if you would like to get a spreadsheet with some examples of these or want to bounce ideas on how to manage sales in an analytical way then please feel free to contact me –


  1. Sami V says

    I really like this and think it’s comprehensive. Important thing you pointed out is that it’s contextual, meaning it depends on the product/business/customer base and other factors. I’d add:
    1. The importance of knowing avg deal size over qtr & yr with quarterly trending
    2. Geo or vertical hotspots based on volume

    How much of marketing is measured by more general statistics via 3rd party research such as Brand Awareness or Consumer Grading type of market data? I guess it’s more abstract than something you can pull a report on as on the above?

    Thanks Z!!

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