Revenue Growth: Lead Generation is the #1 Lever to Drive Revenue Growth

If you read “From Impossible To Inevitable: How Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue“, you probably remember one of the first top takeaways when Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross wrote in their best-seller:

“Lead generation is the #1 lever that drives revenue growth, and can create hypergrowth. You’ve been trying to grow your leads, and thus sales, but it’s been harder than you expected … maybe a lot harder.”

Some companies do a good job building an effective sales team but don’t grow as well because they fail to first build a world-class Demand Generation / Lead Generation function (team, process, effective execution) at their company.

But “What Exactly is Demand Generation?” (see the link for more details) – Lead or Demand Generation is a very complex and very sophisticated B2B function.  It’s nonlinear and it requires deep domain expertise because there are very many nuances that are “under the hood” and are invisible to the inexperienced eye.  The most effective B2B practitioners are senior executives who became world-class experts over time – they have an analytical edge and operational hands-on expertise with a consistent and proven track record in growing the sales pipelines effectively and accelerating revenue through Demand Generation.   This is not simple nor easy – much more complicated and complex than it seems on the surface. There is also a lot of misunderstanding about what Lead / Gemand Gen is all about – many confuse it with Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing but these are all different. Don’t make that mistake because you will hire the wrong people for your team and will not hit your sales goals.


What else?  What are some other thoughts on Demand / Lead Generation to drive Sales Pipeline?