Revenue Growth: Design a Highly Effective Go-to-Market Strategy

If you are looking to accelerate your revenue with a new product launch or entering a new market, one of the key aspects of your Marketing Strategy must be a clearly defined Go-to-Market.  A Go-to-Market Strategy (aka “GTM”) is, at the most basic level, a plan of how you “go to market” – more specifically it is all the necessary sales & marketing activities and all the key stakeholders combined to connect your product/service/solution to your market (your prospects and customers).

Whether you are launching a new product or entering a new market or vertical, you need a Go-to-Market Strategy to connect your solution to your market successfully. Needless to say, a GTM Strategy can vary significantly for any given industry, market segment and company. I covered GTM in the post “The MAP Method & Why a Clear Go-to-Market is Key to Scaling SaaS Sales“.

In this plan you will cover:

  • MAP – Market, Account Type, Persona Type
  • What: Product / Solution
  • Define the Buyer Problem we are solving
  • List of the key stakeholders
  • Targeting
  • Selling, direct or indirect, where are you selling, and what are all the sales channels?
  • How are you selling it?
  • Marketing & Communication Plan
  • Messaging: Positioning, Value Proposition, Elevator Pitch
  • Pricing
  • Process
  • Timeline/Schedule
  • Goals / KPIs / Milestones
  • Addendum to the Sales Playbook

What else? What are some more thoughts on a Go-to-Market strategy?