Daily Habits of a Highly Effective Sales Rep


What does a successful quota-carrying sales rep do every day? It’s no shock to learn that the best reps in the business are incredibly focused, organized, and clearly plan out each day with a set goal in mind. Here I wanted to share what I believe to be some highly-effective activities of my team’s best Inside Sales Reps. Keep in mind that every day is different and this is just a generalized example, but these are the types of sales activities you’d want to see your sales reps do throughout their week. There will always be breaks in between meetings and this isn’t a representative of each day, day-in and day-out. A number of these examples are based on my personal Read Full Article …

The 10 Chapters Your Sales Playbook Must Have


Do you have an effective sales playbook? A playbook acts as a reference manual for onboarding new sales reps and covers key areas for ongoing sales training. But a sales playbook also has a more important function – it codifies a sales process that is conducive to scalable, repeatable and predictable sales. Because of this, best-in-class companies are almost twice as likely to to have a sales playbook. Each time a new sales rep joins your team, you can hand them a copy of your playbook and know they will learn your team’s most effective selling methods. A playbook isn’t a substitution for training, but it significantly speeds up the onboarding process and helps your team grow with ease. If your Read Full Article …

The State of Sales 2.0 Today


Sales has changed. That’s no secret; the advent of technology and the evolution of the educated customer has forced sales organizations, sales managers and sales reps to change the way they used to do their jobs. According to The Corporate Executive Board (CEB), 57% of the purchase decision is completed before there is any interaction between the customer and the seller. In that kind of environment, there is no room for the door-to-door, field sales rep. But that does not mean sales reps have become obsolete. Far from it, in fact.InsideSales.com reports that since 2009, inside sales jobs – sales done remotely or virtually – have grown at a 7.5% rate annually, compared to just .5% for outside sales. By Read Full Article …

How Do You Know You Have a Good Sales Team?


If someone asks you whether you have a good sales team or not, what objective criteria or sales metrics could you use to say that you do? Most people look exclusively at results, rather than inputs, and answer based on whether their sales team hits their number. But here’s the rub: hitting your number does not necessarily mean you have a good sales team. Alternatively, if your sales team misses their number (even if they do this consistently), that does not automatically mean they are bad.  This might surprise a lot of folks. While judging your team based on objective and measurable results (hitting the number) may be a legitimate approach (and correct in many cases), it is not always the right way to Read Full Article …

Top 14 Sales Skills Every Inside Sales Rep Must Master


What skills help make a quota-carrying inside sales rep successful? There is a complex set of skills that every ISR must possess in order to sell effectively and, as a sales manager, it is your responsibility to train and coach your reps extensively to enable them to succeed. Make sure your team is armed with the knowledge and expertise they need to sell, and you’ll see the results. Here are the essential skills I believe every Inside Sales Rep (ISR) needs in order to connect with prospects and win deals efficiently and effectively. 1. Product Knowledge A sales rep who doesn’t perfectly understand the product they’re selling is a completely ineffective rep. Product training should be one of the very Read Full Article …

How to Create a Sales Mission Statement


If your company doesn’t have a clear and strategic Mission Statement, you have an identity crisis on your hands. Without these statements, your business doesn’t have a clear direction or core values to help guide it into the future. It may seem like some marketing exercise, but in reality organizations with clear Mission and Vision statements that align with a strategic plan outperform those without, according to a study by Bain and Company. These core statements can help define not only the future of your company, but also the future of your sales team – including who you hire, how fast you grow sales, and more. Without defining your mission (and vision too), you’re missing out on important opportunities to Read Full Article …

The BIG Secret to Fixing your Sales Forecasting Accuracy


I read a lot about how other VPs of Sales and sales executives at SaaS companies have struggled with accuracy in sales forecasting.  And every time I see that I wonder how they run forecasts. Most sales organizations typically lean on one of these three methods: They used traditional sales forecasting stages like “Best Case” or “Upside” or “Strong Upside,” which makes me laugh. I can’t help but wonder how that’s working out for them. This method is purely intuition-based, relying on the subjective gut feelings or judgments of sales reps and sometimes their notorious ‘happy ears’. This doesn’t work well and your accuracy will be very low, not only on the ratio of total dollar amount won vs. forecast Read Full Article …

The 5 Biggest Mistakes All Sales Reps Make


Even the best sales reps in the business make mistakes – and some of those errors are all too common. Sales reps are prone to common pitfalls when talking to prospects that can slow down a deal, trip up a customer’s understanding of your product, or even kill the deal outright. So how do you prevent yourself from falling victim to these sales blunders? The best way to avoid these missteps is to be aware of the problems and take direct steps to improve your sales reps’ techniques. Here are the most frequent mistakes sales reps make that can be the deciding factor between closing a deal, and losing it. 1. Talking Too Much Many sales reps underestimate the importance Read Full Article …

The Biggest Sales Management Mistake all VPs Make


As a sports fan, you are familiar with the adage, “Practice like you play.” Coaches preach this mantra repeatedly, to instill a mindset of intensity and improvement among their players. Unless a player practices as if they were actually playing in a competitive game – running plays against defenders, competing like it was the championship game – that player’s lethargy, apathy and half-assed habits will carry over to games. The best athletes – LeBron James, Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo –  spend so much of their time not only practicing, but practicing hard. They have heeded the lessons of their coaches. So why are Sales VPs still making thishuge mistake? We’re talking about the lack of emphasis and attention paid topractice. Read Full Article …

10 Books for Your Sales Management Summer Reading List


There are no teachers to assign you summer reading, but that doesn’t mean you should ever stop learning and reviewing best practices in sales management. There are many insightful books on both sales management and selling methods and you must always stay on top in order to build a repeatable, scalable and predictable sales model. Here are my recommendations for a Sales Summer Reading List you can enjoy on the beach, including some favorites from sales thought-leaders like Aaron Ross and Jason Jordan. These are great books to read yourself, or to give to your team of sales reps – no book reports required. 1. The Challenger Sale  – by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson Based on an in-depth study of Read Full Article …

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