Pipeline Integrity is a Function of Pipeline Hygiene & an Effective Sales Process (Key to success for PE Investment)

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”  – W. Edwards Deming ——- These are the topics the CEO & CRO of a $20M-$100M+ in ARR PE-Backed company must consider: First Step for PE Portfolio Companies Engineer & Optimize an Effective Sales  Read More >

Private Equity – Record Demand for Operating Partners

  According to Private Equity International, PE firms are looking to boost portfolio company valuations while operational issues are becoming increasingly more complex. Source: https://www.privateequityinternational.com/record-demand-operating-partners-gps-seek-boost-portfolio-company-value-survey/ “Operating partner roles are the fastest-growing positions in private equity…” Here is value creation in 5 charts: https://www.peievents.com/en/event/operating-partners-technology-forum/value-creation-in-5-charts/      

PE: Top GTM Acceleration Drivers to Create Sustainable Value (Revenue Growth, Higher EBITDA Margin, & Multiple Expansion)

Today, creating value in Growth PE & Middle-Market PE primarily begins after you invest or own the portfolio company. Historically, the strategy was different – you could rely much more on financial engineering, buying low to sell higher, and using leverage (which today is a smaller portion of the deal  Read More >

Creating a Culture of Accountability in Sales

As a Sales Leader you have to create a culture of accountability – everyone across the organization has to be accountable for their own performance and results. What is Accountability?  “It is a force that provides rewards or consequences for actions. A leader imposes the consequences for failing to meet  Read More >

Forecasting – the Commit Process

I know every other VP of Sales or a front-line sales manager (FLM) struggles with forecasting accuracy so I thought to share what has worked really well for me with very high level of accuracy.  It’s the Commit Process.  This is part of the way to build up your rep  Read More >