The Analytical Sales VP’s Essential List of Sales Analyses

I’ve written extensively on Data-Driven and Analytical Management of Sales (as well as Sales & Marketing). I also wrote few books ( on the Quant Sales Management methods. But in this article I decided to share actual lists of the most essential analyses and reports that I regularly use to  Read More >

Sales Management: Creating a Repeatable “Sales Process”

To grow your team that sells effectively and efficiently and to scale your revenue growth, every VP of Sales must operationalize selling into a defined, formal, structured framework for the salesforce that makes selling consistent, repeatable and predictable. This is referred to as a “Sales Process” and should be a  Read More >

Revenue Growth: Using the McKinsey 7S Model

Every company, team, or a business unit has objectives to achieve a high level of performance. How does a CEO or a VP of Sales or an executive leading another team go about figuring out if the organization is going to achieve its intended objective?  Below is a summary of the 7  Read More >

Creating a 3-Page Strategic Plan

For some companies, it may be better to start with a very basic “1-Page Summary of the Strategic Plan” which is very over-simplified but can be easily and quickly reviewed by anyone in the organization.  However, for a more substantive plan (yet not over-complicated), you may want to have 3-Pages  Read More >

What Exactly is “Sales Strategy”?

Every successful Sales Leader knows what “Sales Strategy” means. But this term is sometimes over-used or thrown around in ways that don’t really refer to the correct definition of Sales Strategy.  So what is the correct definition of Sales Strategy? To state simply, it’s an operating plan for the sales  Read More >

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