Building Teams: The Fallacy of Industry Experience

Don’t make the common mistake of making a specific industry experience a key factor when building sales teams, hiring sales reps or sales executives.  It’s called “The Fallacy of Industry Experience” and is well described here in the Harvard Business Review article “What Makes a Good Salesman”: “Many sales executives  Read More >

A Simple 6-Step Management System For Any Executive

When an executive is looking for a way to simplify how they manage their company or a business unit, I recommend the following system that I’ve used consistently over the years. You can use the following simplified 6-step Management System to run a business function and it covers most requirements  Read More >

Organizational Issues That Prevent Effective Leadership

There are several problems that organizations face with a typical/average manager based on research published in the Harvard Business Review.  It turns out that many “leaders” are actually not able to perform a leadership function effectively.  It is a real obstacle for companies if someone who is supposed to be  Read More >

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