Demand Generation is Not the Same as Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing

There is some confusion and misconception but Demand & Lead Generation is Not Content Marketing
B2B Demand Generation is a “Revenue-focused” B2B Marketing function that creates targeted interest and inquiry in the company’s product or service and directly drives sales pipeline and accelerates revenue. Demand Generation is a very strategic and complex B2B function and requires a lot of deep domain expertise. Demand Gen is a  Read More >

What Exactly is B2B Demand Generation / Lead Generation?

Leads are the fuel for a successful B2B sales team. And leads are generated via a solid Demand Generation / Lead Generation function which is usually part of marketing. Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross wrote in their best-selling book “From Impossible to Inevitable”: “Lead generation is the #1 lever that  Read More >

Scaling Revenue: $1M ARR to $10M ARR

Some of the most fun experiences I’ve had were all about growing a company rapidly from a base of just a few million in revenue.  When I was running Sales at StarWind Software or at InsightSquared, it was all about building a fairly tight but world-class sales team.  It was  Read More >