What is Sales Performance Management?


There are several key trends in sales and sales management but one particular trend is especially exciting and transformational – the trend towards Sales Performance Management (SPM). SPM is an innovative discipline of sales management that is focused on driving more optimal sales performance with next-generation tools and metrics-driven best  Read More >

The Right Sales KPIs For Your Sales Reps


Measuring sales key performance indicators (KPIs) for your sales reps is critical for sales performance management and building a predictable, repeatable revenue generation process. Studying the “right” sales performance metrics lets sales managers determine which reps are struggling and in which areas they need coaching help with. Unfortunately, a lot of  Read More >

What is Sales Coaching?


We recently attended a webinar hosted by Salesforce.com called “Sales Coaching Master Class with Tony Robbins,” featuring Tony Robbins and Walter Rogers. We were truly inspired and thought this would be a great time to write a post about what Sales Coaching really means. As discussed in a recent blog  Read More >

5 Key Reasons To Use Sales Forecasts


Sales managers depend greatly on the information provided by accurate  sales forecasting to guide their business decisions. In order to maximize sales and revenue while delegating resources and sales reps more efficiently, sales managers need to be able to predict the future performance of their organization as closely as possible. Here  Read More >

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