Sales Strategy – Sales Force & Revenue Growth Plan for 2019

How to design a Sales Strategy to scale revenue effectively in the new year

In a prior article, I wrote about what companies should include in their Summary Strategic Plan which focuses on the Corporate Strategy. Of course, the right sequence requires that a Corporate Strategy comes first (i.e. is planned and finalized first) and serves as the foundation for Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer  Read More >

Developing a B2B Marketing & Demand Generation Strategy to Drive Sales

How to craft an effective B2B Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy

As you kickoff the new year, you need to have your integrated Strategy in place – your company must start with the overarching Corporate Strategy before you develop your Sales Strategy or B2B Marketing & Demand Generation Strategy. As a CRO or VP of Sales, you can’t scale revenue effectively  Read More >

Leadership Lessons from 150+ Books on Leadership Over 20+ Years

Here is what I learned reading well over 150+ books on Leadership over a 20+ year period

Over the past 20+ years I’ve always had an interest in People Leadership and Organizational Leadership and thus read over 150+ books on the topic of Leadership.  I think it was only this year that I finally realize that there is a lot of commonality and I could pretty much  Read More >

Do Not Confuse Demand Generation With Content Marketing or Inbound

There is some confusion and misconception but Demand & Lead Generation is Not Content Marketing

Leads are the oxygen for a successful B2B Sales team.  Every good VP of Sales knows that to hit their number they must have a predictable flow of leads.  And it goes without saying that a “lead” is not some cold name but is actually qualified prospective buyer who raised  Read More >

What In the World are “UFOs” in Sales?

UFOs in Sales are "Unlikely & Failing Opportunities"

One of the top productivity killers for sales reps is over-focusing and over-investing in low-probability Opportunities (Opps) which clog up your sales pipeline and distract reps from focusing on the high-probability Opportunities. We refer to a bad Sales Opportunity (i.e. Opp) in a slightly comical and symbolic way as a  Read More >

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